Slicksync Google Chrome Synchronizer Pro
Version 1.1
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Slicksync Google Chrome Synchronizer Pro Version 1.1

Slicksync Google Chrome Synchronizer Pro
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Slicksync Google Chrome Synchronizer Pro - Synchronisieren Sie effizient Ihre Google Chrome-Einstellungen und Lesezeichen

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Slicksync Google Chrome is a professional application specifically designed to help users automate the synchronization of their Google Chrome settings and bookmarks. Developed by RinjaniSoft, the application makes synchronization of the popular web browser easier than ever.
The application comes with a wizard interface that is extremely easy-to-use, and will guide you step-by-step to synchronize your data to a network, local computer or a removable drive. Thus, using the Slicksync Google Chrome shouldn’t be a problem for most users.
One-way synchronizations are performed, which will update your files when required to your selected destination, but leaving the source files unmodified. Nonetheless, it keeps your backup updated, which will save you from the effort of starting over from scratch.
Yes, you never know when your computer’s operating system may need to be reinstalled, or when your browser will be severely problematic. By using this application, all the time you spend personalizing and configuring your Google Chrome browser will not go to waste.
Additionally, the application is compatible with Windows and requires minimal system requirements, so you can expect it to function effortlessly, without freezing or hanging, on most systems. All things considered, Slicksync Google Chrome is an ideal application you should definitely consider using for the synchronization of the popular web browser.


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